Keep Your Breath Healthy and Fresh with These Tips!

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Everyone is guilty of having a stinky smelling breath at some time. Fortunately, to others, this usually takes place after eating spiced meals or when waking up in the morning. However, some people have this as a recurring issue. There are various reasons for halitosis (medical term of bad breath) to develop, and it is not just because of foods consumed.

Having a foul-smelling breath can cause a person to feel more self-conscious, make them avoid other people, and even lose self-confidence. As a result, their professional, social, and even romantic relationships are more likely to suffer as well. At Atlantic Dentistry, we understand how devastating bad breath can be physically and emotionally to a person, so, we want to assist by sharing some tips.

a healthy and fresh breath

Tips to Keep the Breath Fresh

Consider healthy and crunchy foods

Believe it or not, eating carrots, celery, or apples can help keep the mouth clean and the breath fresh. The crunchiness of these fruits and vegetables help remove food debris that is stuck between the teeth. They are just like a natural toothbrush!

Drink plenty of water

If a person is not properly hydrated, it means that there is not enough saliva production in the mouth. Know that the saliva actually serves as a natural antibacterial wash. Aside from helping in breaking down foods, it also helps wash away and prevent foods from staying anywhere in the mouth. As a result, there will be no debris left which bacteria can feast on. Patients are advised to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

Keep the tongue clean

The teeth are not the only area where bacteria can accumulate; the tongue can serve as a breeding ground as well. That is why, for a more effective way of keeping the whole mouth clean and healthy, scraping the tongue with a toothbrush or tongue scraper is ideal.

Avoid mouthwash with alcohol

Any alcohol-based mouth rinses can cause the mouth to dry up. So, instead of keeping bacteria at bay, the said product may even promote their growth.

Make sure to brush and floss

Brushing and flossing are two practices that should always come together. Despite the observance of proper brushing techniques, there are still some areas bristles can’t reach. Fortunately, flossing compensates by covering these portions. As a result, all factors that can threaten the rise of bad breath are eliminated.

At our practice, we will first determine the exact cause of the patient’s bad breath. Doing so gives our dentist the idea on the best course of action to take. Afterward, patients can then expect to regain their fresh breath. So, instead of taking steps by just masking the smell, make sure to get proper treatment.

If you want to own a healthy and fresh breath, Atlantic Dentistry is here for you! Check out our Halitosis Treatment in Jacksonville, FL, for the treatment of bad breath. You can also visit us at 13474 Atlantic Blvd., #109, Jacksonville, FL 32225.

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