Making Dental Visits a Priority

Jacksonville FL DentistSchedules are a necessity for keeping up with the demands of life. Many people have to write their own birthdays on their schedules just to acknowledge that another year has gone by! While life demands that you prioritize work schedules, sporting events, and the school calendar, there is another priority that should be kept on your schedule: dental visits. Your daily life hangs in the balance of your schedule, right? Well, more than just your teeth hang in the balance of your oral health.

When your oral health is a priority, your overall health receives the benefit. The health of your mouth is a huge indicator of the health of your entire body. Neglecting your teeth and gums leads to serious consequences that go far beyond just having a cavity. The Mayo Clinic gives medical evidence showing detrimental effects on the body specifically related to oral health concerns. These include:

  • Heart disease
  • Respiratory infections
  • Diabetic complications
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Dementia
  • Pregnancy complications and loss

Most people have felt the effects of losing sleep – more than just being overly tired, your body’s immunity suffers, your brain becomes foggy, and you feel run-down and ragged. The same thing happens when you neglect your oral health and dental visits.

Dental visits need to be a priority because your dentist has the sole ability to thoroughly clean your teeth and evaluate your entire mouth. Cavities can be prevented, gum disease can be caught early, and oral cancer can be detected in its earliest stage with regular dental visits. Making dental visits a priority should be a vital part of your health care because your dentist can literally save your life – and for pregnant women, your dentist can protect and save the life of your growing baby.

At Atlantic Dentistry, we provide comprehensive and complete dental care to all our patients. We encourage you to make dental visits a priority by scheduling them and keeping your appointments. Intervention for even the smallest oral health concern, given early, can protect your smile and your life.

Posted on behalf of Atlantic Dentistry