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Periodontal Maintenance
Jacksonville, FL

Diagram of periodontitis and health tooth shown at Atlantic Dentistry in Jacksonville, FL
To slow, or ideally stop the development of the periodontal disease, your teeth have to be thoroughly cleaned. Here at Atlantic Dentistry, you can trust our professionals for quality periodontal maintenance procedures. Our dental specialists are committed to helping you maintain high oral health standards. If you have battled periodontal disease before, a regular tooth cleaning is not enough, because it doesn’t remove dental plaque on the deeper levels of your teeth. Periodontal maintenance involves cleaning up both above and below the gumline, thus preventing bacteria buildup. Our dental specialists perform excellent periodontal maintenance, keeping you safe from the reoccurrence of gum disease, a condition with inauspicious effects like tooth loss, weakening of bones, and increased susceptibility to heart disease.

Is Periodontal Maintenance for Me?

Some people seem to confuse periodontal maintenance with regular teeth cleaning. If a patient takes good care of their teeth and has a habit of visiting our dental specialists regularly, then regular teeth cleaning is enough to maintain high oral health. However, if your teeth and gums have been neglected for a long time, the conditions are right for periodontal disease to take over. In this case, regular teeth cleaning would not be enough to stop the buildup of dental plaque. They need periodontal maintenance. If you’re battling bone loss, deep cavities, bleeding gums, and weak roots, you also need periodontal maintenance to eliminate the damaged parts and cancel out the bacterial activity. Additionally, individuals who have undergone surgery or scaling and root planing to manage gum disease are encouraged to have periodontal maintenance.

What Happens During Periodontal Maintenance?

Our dental professionals ensure that you understand the whole process, and provide answers to any questions you may have. Periodontal maintenance is a leveled-up cleaning procedure where proverbially no stone is left unturned. Your teeth are cleaned up. The plaque and tartar gathering both above and below your gumline are removed, and the coarse parts are smoothened to minimize the accumulation of dental plaque in the future. Our dental specialists also check to see whether you have inflamed gum pockets.

How Many Times Should I Receive Periodontal Maintenance?

Unlike many health problems, you cannot be vaccinated against periodontal disease. It arises whenever the conditions are right. And so, periodontal maintenance is very well a lifetime exercise. Our dental specialists recommend that you book an appointment every three months as this is the period it takes for dental plaque to accumulate without causing disease, and beyond that point, the dental plaque starts morphing into pathogenic bacteria.

Benefits of Periodontal Maintenance

The deep cleaning of your teeth and gums thwarts the occurrence of periodontal disease. The following are some of the advantages of this procedure.

Saves You Money

If you allow a dental problem to reach an advanced stage, it becomes expensive to treat the condition. But regular periodontal maintenance helps you avoid most dental issues.

Improves Your Looks

We live in a world where looks matter. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look great. If you smile, and people notice snow-white teeth, you instantly become more charming.

Lowers Heart Disease Risk

People with gum disease are considered high risk against heart problems. Thus, protecting yourself from periodontal disease reduces your vulnerability to heart issues. Periodontal maintenance leads to the total removal of dental plaque and tartar. Visit us at Atlantic Dentistry for the best periodontal maintenance. You can contact us at 904 717-0335 to set up an appointment.
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